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22 May 2014 @ 04:36 pm
The Jung Twins 4/?  
Title: The Jung Twins
Pairing: YunJae + Uknow (Yunho’s twin.)
Genre: Romance, SMUT baby!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if your lovers are the Jung twins? The hot sexy and fucking rich Jung twins? And you are their one and only baby?
WARNING: Spoiled&Childish!Jae, Possessive!Brothers.

A/N: Yunho and Uknow are twins and Jaejoong is their lover. Oh this is not beta-ed just because. And also it has been a while since I write things. Thank yo and please do read THIS.

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“Wait! Don’t make them jealous yet!” Changmin screamed and Jaejoong was taken aback. “Why not yet?” he asked and played with the pillow. Yoochun was with them, they were at Changmin’s place.  “I have another plan to seduce them!” Changmin said as he walked towards the stairs, “Wait for me, I’ll just get something” he said with a cheeky smile and Jaejoong just nodded innocently.

“What is that kid up to?” Yoochun asked and Jaejoong raised his shoulders, “Don’t know, it better be good,” he smiled cheekily and gets his phone from his pocket. Soon later, Changmin came down carrying a big luggage. “What’s that?” Jaejoong asked as Changmin puts the luggage in front of them, “These are some sexy girly clothes you must try on.” Changmin said with a straight face, he opened the luggage and the soul mate’s eyes widen, Jaejoong grabbed one nightgown with almost transparent red color, the neck line was wide that shoulders will be expose when wore. “Where did you get this?” he asked as he grabbed another girl outfit, this time, a mini-skirt.

“This are my entire sister’s newly bought clothes, she didn’t wear them yet, she left them when she went to the States,” he smiled, proudly. “But how do you know where she keeps this? And what if-” Jaejoong didn’t finish his sentence as his eyes landed on something, a blue tube dress, above the knee length. He picks it up and studied it, “You will look sexy in that” Changmin commented and Yoochun smirked, “Hey! You too, you know?” Jaejoong laughed with his soul mate and Changmin just rolled his eyes.

“So any pick?” Changmin asked, “Well, we are going to play lawn tennis tomorrow.”

“That’s perfect; wear this mini-skirt along with this tight white tee shirt.” Changmin suggested as he searched through the luggage. “Are you sure your sister won’t mind me borrowing her things?” Jaejoong questioned, digging into the luggage also, pushing Changmin away a little. Yoochun just sat there, watching them.

“Here!” Changmin stood up straight, holding a pink mini skirt and a white tee shirt. “Why pink mini-skirt?” Jaejoong asks with a pout as he took the mini-skirt, “Because it’s girly and you look girly.” Jaejoong just sighs as he looked at the mini-skirt again. “If you want to be fucked double then wear it.” As Changmin said that, he felt pain on his head courtesy of Jaejoong’s hand.


“We’re going to play lawn tennis tomorrow right?” Jaejoong asks breathlessly as he hugged Uknow, burying his face in his bare chest as Yunho hugged him from behind. “Yes, why?” Yunho asked, kissing Jaejoong’s bare neck, he roams his hand down to rest on Jaejoong’s bellybutton, rubbing it in circles. “Nothing… can Minnie and Yoochun go too?” Jaejoong asks, closing his eyes and a yawn escaping his lips. “Sure…” Yunho answered, closing his eyes also. “Yunho… Uknow…” Jaejoong murmured. “I love you…”

“We love you too,” The twins said in unison. “So much.” Yunho added.


“Yah! Boo, hurry up!” Yunho shouted as he puts his polo shirt on and grabs his perfume. “Yah, where’s Jaejoong? It’s already seven.” Uknow entered their room and grabbed his own perfume also, “Jae! Boo!” Uknow shouted at the same time the bathroom door opened and the twins widen their eyes, jaw dropped.

“Yunnie, Uie, sorry for taking so long.” Jaejoong pouted as he skipped happily towards the dresser, his pink mini-skirt bouncing, showing his black cycling shorts a little. He wore a tight white V-neck shirt but with a sports pink jacket over and a long white socks that covers up above his knee. “Come on!” Jaejoong said with a smile as he grabs his own perfume and sprays it all over him. He turned to face the twins and kiss each on the lips. “Come on” he smiled and walks out happily, skipping so that his mini-skirt will bounce up and down.

The twins just stood there, speechless. “What the heck…” Uknow finally uttered and they sure are getting a boner down there. When the twins recovered from their shock, they went down and got into their limousine only to see Jaejoong inside, cross legged and because he was wearing a mini-skirt, his thighs were shown. “Joongie, please seat properly.” Yunho said as he sits on the other side of Jaejoong and Uknow on the other side so Jaejoong was in the middle.

“I am sitting properly.” Jaejoong pouted as he took out his phone and typed a massage. “Baby, yes you are… but your thighs are showing…” Uknow uttered as he scooted closer to Jaejoong and hugged his waist. Jaejoong finished typing; he puts his phone on the mini table in front of him. “And we don’t want someone else to see what’s ours.” Yunho breathlessly said as he shifts closer and also wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s waist. Jaejoong sighs in pleasure as he feels hot air on his neck and ears; he slumped back onto Uknow’s chest, panting a little.

“Yah yah!” Jaejoong resisted himself as he breaks through the hug. He sat up straight and crossed his legs again; he doesn’t even know when he even straightens his leg out. Uknow pouted but he never gave up as he took Jaejoong’s chin and kissed him. Yunho too showered his cheeks with little kisses. “If I look this sexy… praise me.” Jaejoong said anxiously and was followed by with a giggle. Yunho chuckled and lay down, resting his head on Jaejoong’s lap. Uknow pouted but nevertheless smiled as he laid his head onto Jaejoong’s shoulder. Jaejoong smiled, “Aish, my baby boys. What will happen to you two if I weren’t here?” Jaejoong giggled again. “Don’t you mean what will happen if we aren’t here for you?” Yunho teased back and Jaejoong pouted, “So you say you can live without me?”

“It’s not that baby…” Yunho’s hand started to caress Jaejoong’s legs, “We absolutely cannot live without you” the other twin breathed out and Jaejoong smiled in satisfactory. “But baby, why are you dressed like that?” Uknow asked, kissing his baby’s temple with love. “Why? You don’t like it?” Jaejoong replied, pouting. “It’s not that we don’t like it…” Yunho kissed his exposed knee. “It’s just showing too much of what is ours.” Uknow growled, jealousy slowly creeping inside him.

“But they can’t touch me” Jaejoong smiled, giving Uknow a lovely peck before getting his phone again from the mini table. “Who are you texting?” Uknow peeked and Jaejoong smiled, showing his phone to the overly jealous twin. “Yoochun and Changmin.” He said before proceeding to his task, his other hand caressing Yunho’s hair.

We’re on our way to the tennis court, where are you two?

He waited and took a glance the twins; one was sleeping on his lap and the other leaning his head on his shoulder. He smiled; he can’t wait for his plan to happen.

We’re about to enter the court and sign up, where are you now? –Yoochun

Jaejoong glance outside before replying,

Please wait for us a little while..  I think we’re stuck in traffic.

The beauty sighs before putting his phone back on the mini table. “Yunho-ah…” he called out softly but seductively, he must get his plan started. Yunho opened his eyes slowly before sitting up straight, he smiled at his boo. Jaejoong pouted, calling out for Uknow, “Yes baby?” Uknow questioned, rubbing his sleepy eyes. Jaejoong didn’t respond, he just hook his arm around Yunho’s neck and the other around Uknow’s, he pulled the twins closer to his face before giving them a peck. “BooJae?” Yunho was confused, he got a feeling that Jaejoong was up to something.

“Yunnie…” Jaejoong whined kissing Yunho’s lips before proceeding down to Yunho’s neck, running his soft tongue in circular motions. Yunho groaned thrusting his hips forward as Jaejoong’s weight hovered on top of him “Heyy” Uknow whined, feeling jealous, he grabbed Jaejoong’s waist before pulling the young man up to sit on his lap. “That’s a first time Joongie…” Uknow breathed out, running his tongue along his baby’s nape.

Jaejoong’s legs were now spread across the back seat, his Yunho in between. “Jaejoong, what are you up to?” Jaejoong whimpered as Yunho’s hand caressed his inner thigh. “Yes, boo, you never once did that…” Uknow bit his ear, his big hands exploring Jaejoong’s covered chest. “Answer us!” Yunho commanded with a thrust of his hips, his covered member colliding against Jaejoong’s. The beauty in the middle gasped, his mind clouded with pleasure, he look up and met with Uknow’s lust filled eyes before taking his lips.

“Naughty Jaejoongie~” Yunho hummed, lifting Jaejoong’s mini-skirt, he palmed the bulge. “Aahhh..” Jaejoong moaned out loud letting his lips let go of Uknow’s, a trail of saliva connecting them. “Please…”

“What do you want baby?” a playful smirk decorating Yunho’s lips, “Just… take me…”


“I can’t believe one person can be that stupid.” Changmin murmured under his breath as he looks at one person who always falls whenever he tries to hit the flying ball. “Calm down okay Changmin? He’s just learning how to play.” Yoochun assured, feeling pity at the boy that Changmin kept glaring and saying bad comments at.

“Where are they by the way?” Changmin asked, completely irritated. Yoochun shook his head in pity. “He said they are stuck in traffic.”


“Aahh…” Jae panted, resting his head on Yunho’s shoulders as Uknow pulled his now flaccid cock, zipping his pants up, he caressed Jae’s bare ass, their cum leaking out. Uknow ducked and licked the hole, “Hmm….” Jae smirked and Yunho kissed his lips, hands sliding down to spread his ass cheeks for Uknow to ravish. When Uknow was satisfied, he pushed up Jaejoong’s briefs and cycling shorts back up. “You’re so delicious, baby…” he pulled Jaejoong by the waist and kissed his lips.

“Did… did the driver noticed?” Yunho laughed and hugged his boo, “No, he won’t. We made sure.” Jaejoong smiled and sat up straight, wiping some sweat off his face. “Good thing I have an extra shirt here somewhere,”


“That was some traffic, eh hyung?” Changmin said with sarcasm and Jaejoong blushed, going towards Yoochun to avoid Changmin, “Don’t worry, he’s just his being grumpy self.”Jaejoong nodded, “So the plan?”

Changmin walked up to his hyungs and looked over his shoulders, he saw the twins talking to a man about reserving s court or something. “Now make them jealous and tease them,”

“How do I tease them?” Doe eyes looked at Changmin, “Like lift your skirt a little or you know?” The oldest nodded. He looked at the twins and but his lips.

Wish him luck.

uh thanks. i apologize for the wrongs grammars becauses its beens a whiles. hahaha kidding. ♥
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kattan69: Hotness overloadedkattan69 on May 22nd, 2014 09:56 am (UTC)
Now that was hot...sandwich between 2 guys who worshipped your body...lucky Jae.
jj_luver: pic#120119543jj_luver on May 22nd, 2014 11:54 am (UTC)
Daaaaaaaaaamn this is hot! There's only one Jung yunho and we're barely alive, I can only imagine what would happen if there were TWO!!
This threesome is officially my new fantasy.
Gabrielle: yunjae kink :" title="Gabrielle: yunjae kink :">" />sadisticbtch on May 29th, 2014 03:39 am (UTC)
oh my gosh. your icon hahaha <3
Cheryl: Lotus.chihana11 on May 22nd, 2014 12:10 pm (UTC)
Baby Boo Jae is so cute and naughty. I love him and his two Yunho's.

I really like how you wrote the smut, it was sexy and naughty without being gross.

Thank you for this.
C A S S I O P E I A: Rillakumahappy_girl89 on May 22nd, 2014 01:09 pm (UTC)
just read this.
you slut!Jae. ): no, you deserve them i know OTL
that was a cliffhanger, man! a cliffhanger!
what's next.. what's next? :D
yukihimedjcassie99 on May 22nd, 2014 03:45 pm (UTC)
yey! i'm so happy to see you update this fic again
i'm sleepy when i check on lj page then i see you update and now i'm wide awake orz
it is so hawt to imagine jj being sandwich between yunho & uknow :Q___
cant wait to know what's changmin & jj going to do make the twins jaelous xD
TARDISKEEPER: Choi Seung Hyuntardiskeeper on May 22nd, 2014 11:02 pm (UTC)
So genius Changmin is at the head of this magnificent plan, we're all in for a good ride. The Jungs sure posses a lot of self control considering how kinky they are, but the love they have for Jae outweighs everything with the possibility of scaring/hurting Jae. If only they knew that Jae has been getting schooled(and is quite kinky too) and is well on his way to swim in the pool of sinful pleasures.
BloodyBerry: bloody berryjiyeol on May 25th, 2014 01:18 am (UTC)
Welcomeee back~~~~
Finally you update it again. You're the best....
jadejung: pic#126522761jadejung on September 23rd, 2017 11:27 am (UTC)
Limousine slut
You tempt me so bad skipping the smut :(
But I know we are a step closer to the DP! <3
Thanks for this fic and welcome back