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02 June 2014 @ 05:59 pm
The Jung Twins 5/?  
Title: The Jung Twins
Pairing: YunJae + Uknow (Yunho’s twin.)
Genre: Romance, SMUT baby!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if your lovers are the Jung twins? The hot sexy and fucking rich Jung twins? And you are their one and only baby?
WARNING: Spoiled&Childish!Jae, Possessive!Brothers.

A/N: Aren't you happy I have updated again? Hahaha still working on my smut writing skills tho.Oh look I edited my Masterlist, check out for more fics okay? I hope you like this update ^^

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“The sun is so hot today.” Jaejoong wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked at his opponents, the twins. “I will take a break first.” Yunho said, walking out of the court and sitting on one bench. “Changmin, come on! One on one?” Jaejoong questioned, walking towards his friend, “Sure.”

Uknow now came, holding five cans of cola, he handed one to Yunho and sat beside him. “Where is Chunnie?” The beautiful lad held the ball and threw it up high, his mini-skirt riding up a little and Changmin smirked, hitting the ball back to his hyung. “Calling Junsu or something.” Jaejoong jumped and tried to catch the ball, causing the twin’s eyes to widen and it rides up, exposing his cute covered ass.

Uknow started to become irritated because someone might see what belongs to them. Yunho started to regret going lawn tennis today. “Hyung…” Changmin stopped playing and walked to the other side of the court, he held Jaejoong’s shoulders. “It’s working, you’re teasing them.”


“Yes, and making them jealous about now.” They laughed at the same time Yoochun came, grabbing one can. “Want to hang out in a mall or something?” Yoochun asks, backing away from the twins a little. “Can we?” Jaejoong skips towards them (because Changmin told him so.) Uknow immediately pulled his boo by the waist, grabbing Yunho’s jacket to cover his lower part. “Why do you even wear skirts?”

“When did you start cross-dressing?!” Jaejoong tries to think of an answer, his two friends were not helping him either. “I just like it okay.” Jaejoong slaps Uknow’s hand away, unfolding the jacket around his waist. “Besides, don’t you like it?” Jaejoong pouted, working on his fake tears immediately. The twins panicked while Yoochun and Changmin walked away, continuing the game.

“As we said earlier, we love it.” Uknow ran his hand up his thigh, squeezing it a little. “But…” Yunho interrupted, “It’s making us crazy. And hard.” Jae blushed and pushed Uknow’s hand away. “Well you two have to get used to it. Come on! I’m bored playing, let’s eat now.” Jaejoong smiled, giving each twin a kiss on the lips before skipping away again.



“I think its working.”

“It is!” Changmin whispered, walking too briskly with Jaejoong by his side. “And they are jealous too.”

“Aren’t you scared for your life?” Yoochun came up to them, hooking his arms around the youngest’s shoulders. “I am actually.” The eldest giggled and looked behind, only to be greeted by struggling twins, holding things that Jaejoong bought. The pouty man smiled, untangling his arm around Changmin and walked up to his lovers. “You two must be tired.”

“And jealous.” Uknow huffed, fixing his hair. The pale man just smiled sheepishly before giving them a peck, “Let’s go home, my twins are tired.” The twins agreed and Jaejoong went back to his friends, “I think we will head home now.”

“Remember to seduce them okay? With the clothes you bought.” The pale lad nodded with a grin.


With a spray of his perfume, he was ready with his plan. He was wearing a big shirt, Uknow’s to be exact, his shoulders exposed and a mini-short he bought. “Perfect,” he grinned at his reflection, turning a little to slap his butt.

The raven walked out of their room, scanning the empty hallways, he skips happily towards the twins’ work room and fortunately he found them there. “Uie! Yunnie!” Jaejoong greeted and ran towards the twins whose eyes were wide.

Jaejoong just grinned, sitting on Yunho’s desk. “I thought I said no work on weekends.” He pouted, crossing his arms causing his legs to be exposed for the hungry Jung brothers. Uknow cleared his throat, closing the folder he was holding before standing up, walking towards his BooJae, “Is that mine?” he looked at the shirt, groaning. He wrapped his arms around the sexy waist of his baby.

“Yes, something wrong?” Jaejoong smiled slyly and the twins were taken aback. Yunho cleared his throat. “Yes, especially if you’re wearing girl shorts.” Jaejoong frowned, glaring at Yunho. “At least I look sexy!” Uknow chuckled, kissing Jaejoong’s neck lovingly, running his tongue against smooth skin. “We know baby.” The spoiled man pouted, pushing his lover away, “I think dinner’s ready.” He walked towards the door sexily, swaying his hips. “Come down, now.”

Jaejoong smirked, licking his lips before walking out.

Yunho groaned, massaging his temple. “Tease. He’s up to something.” Uknow nodded, palming his growing erection.


“Mm… ahjumma the pasta is so good,” Jaejoong moaned, munching the savory goodness of his food. “Thank you, young master.” Yunho cleared his throat and the maids left them alone in the big dining room. “Joongie, eat slowly.” Jaejoong nodded, complying with Yunho’s request.

“On Monday, I expect you to attend your class okay?”

“But not with that clothes.” The pale man pouted, swallowing his food, “Okay, I understand. But I can still wear shorts?” Yunho coughed, grabbing his glass of water. Jaejoong giggled and stood up, went up to Yunho and rubbed his back. “I’m kidding, Yunnie.” He kissed his Yunnie’s forehead, still smiling.

After Yunho can breathe properly, he grabbed Jaejoong by the waist. The beautiful lad giggled again, wrapping his arms around his neck. “You tease.” Yunho’s hand slowly crept up his thighs, caressing them softly. Jaejoong shivered, feeling another pair of arms around his waist, his back resting against Uknow’s hard chest.

“We… we still have dessert…” the raven mewled as Uknow’s mouth ravished his nape. The twins chuckled before pulling away from their baby, “Are you sure you want dessert?”

“Oh… Oh!” Jaejoong closed his eyes, hands clenching the sheets beneath him. The pleasure Yunho’s bringing to him was making his mind hazy, he can feel Yunho mouthing his cock, his still clothed cock. Wetting his mini-shorts.

Yunho spreads his legs wider, mouth still attached to his baby’s member. “Shit, you look so hot, boo.” Uknow said, bring his phone out to record his boo’s squirming form, a thin layer of sweat covering his body, his shirt sticking to his baby’s torso.

Uknow moaned palming himself a little before unzipping his pants, fishing his cock out. “Ahh…” his baby’s moans were the best.

Jaejoong opened his eyes and saw Uknow beside him, stroking himself, eyes closed and his phone in one hand. Even in a clouded mind, Jaejoong has an idea. He wrapped his hand around Yunho’s hair and pulled him up, kissing his lips.

“Mmm…” Yunho moaned distracted with the tongue play. Jaejoong immediately wrapped his other hand around Uknow’s dick causing the other twin to gasp. The raven without delay engulfs the hard cock.

Yunho and Uknow stared with wide eyes at Jaejoong, none of the twins dared to budge as Jaejoong starts to move back and forth. Uknow groaned, feeling all weak and gooey. This is the very first time Jaejoong sucked him. “Oh, fuck. Jaejoong.” Uknow slides his palm on Jaejoong’s head, grasping the hair lightly, his clouded mind forgetting their rule as his hips starts to thrust.

Jaejoong feels like gagging but he relaxed his throat and let his Uknow fuck his face. He hummed, looking up at the dazed twin.

Yunho groaned, his cock twitching and jealousy burning. “Joongie. I can’t—” Uknow grunted, thrusting a little harsher before pulling back, splashing cum on Jaejoong’s face. The spent twin landed on the bed with a thud, his breathing uneven with shock and bliss.

Yunho pulled Jaejoong by the waist and kissed him hard. “Why did you do that?” he kissed him again, tongue and teeth clattering. “Ugh…” the beauty moaned, he can feel Yunho’s erection rubbing against his restrained one.

“You know you shouldn’t have done that?” the latter just nodded unconsciously, feeling his shorts sliding down his slender legs. A finger entered him, touching his prostate dead on. “Ahh, Yunho-ah… Yunnie…” The raven whimpered, three long fingers are now inside of him. It feels so danm good to have Yunho’s fingers inside.

“You want to suck cocks so bad?” Yunho didn’t wait for an answer as he pulled Jaejoong up and positioned his stiff dick in front of his mouth. “Suck me while I fuck you with my fingers.” The hand gripping his hair hurts a little but the pale beauty doesn’t care. The plan is working.

Opening his mouth, Yunho entered his cock in the warm cavern, instantly closing his eyes at the heavenly sensation. His other hand found Jaejoong’s ass and entered it again but this time four fingers were hitting his boo’s prostate.

Jaejoong is in heaven, moaning nonstop at the feeling on being filled, mouth and ass. “You like that?” Yunho pressed his fingers harder, playing his fingers inside as his hips starts thrusting forward.

“Mm… Mm…” The beauty could do nothing but to close his eyes, his jaw hurting because he didn’t expect that the twins were so big inside his mouth. “Ughmm…” Yunho groaned, moving his hips faster, not caring anymore. Jabbing his fingers in and out oh so deliciously inside the hole.

With one last thrust he came, Jaejoong choked and Yunho quickly pulled out, the remaining cum landing on the pale beauty’s face again.

Pants echoed the hot room and Jaejoong is still painfully hard. He whimpered as he went to Uknow and begged with his eyes, the other twin who was recording them smiled, still shock but he grabbed his baby’s cock and stroked it until he came. No words escaped their mouths as the trio laid in bed, panting and sweaty.

Yunho was the first one to sit up straight and crawled towards his boo who was lying next to his twin. “Did I choke you bad?” he asked, eyes printed with worry. Jaejoong only smiled, kissing those bow shaped lips. “Did I suck you two good?”

The twins groaned. This is gonna be a long talk.


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tapzztapzz on June 2nd, 2014 12:10 pm (UTC)
Update..!!!..gawd..that was super hot..me likey..:D:D:D..update soon..^_^^_^
Gabrielle: love me or diesadisticbtch on June 2nd, 2014 12:21 pm (UTC)
thank you, glad you like this update :)
sassy_vyxensassy_vyxen on June 2nd, 2014 12:43 pm (UTC)
Just have to say, I really like this update too. Not because there's a YunJaeKnow smut, which by the way I really find hot, but because MinJae's plan works like a charm. Really happy seeing how those twins is really getting jaelous and all possessive, esp. Yunho. Though I hope that kind of possessiveness won't create any friction between the twins because I rather see them sharing Jae instead of them trying to outdo each other so they could get the upper hand. Can't wait for the next chapter. c:
vianne_0519vianne_0519 on June 2nd, 2014 01:55 pm (UTC)
dbskfansdbskfans on June 2nd, 2014 02:33 pm (UTC)

me love it!!!!
haaa, finally they let jaejoong suck them!!!heheeee

come on~~more please~~~
yunho, uknow...
let jaejoong get wild~~~~~!!!!
ruby_yuri91ruby_yuri91 on June 2nd, 2014 06:14 pm (UTC)
Jae! You're such a tease! Poor the jung's twins.. hahaha.. do continue the sexing scene, I want more~~~! ^^
renaiseuhyun84renaijang84 on June 2nd, 2014 11:40 pm (UTC)
OMGGGGGGG I just know that u update 2 chapter kyaaaaaaaaa.......
smexy chapter *wipe my nosebleed
TARDISKEEPERtardiskeeper on June 3rd, 2014 01:38 am (UTC)
So after all the Jung twins reached their limit, well for this matter anyway. How will Jae and the gang get the boys to loosen up on the rules, I bet there will be plenty of teasing, what fun.
C A S S I O P E I Ahappy_girl89 on June 5th, 2014 12:14 pm (UTC)
JAEJOONG IS A SLUT. end of story.

LOLOL what do you really want to happen Jae? two cocks at once? XDD
damn this btch is so lucky, i don't envy but i want to see that recording ;-;

is this comment long enough? XDDD
Gabrielle: love me or diesadisticbtch on June 6th, 2014 08:17 am (UTC)
you disappoint me with your comment.

but it will pass. mwauhaaha XD

pbbaturtleandcrane on June 8th, 2014 04:26 pm (UTC)
Hi dear...
(I don't know what to call you? Should i call you sadis? Kekeke... i don't think so)
I really enjoy your fic.
Keep on writing author shiii
Gabrielle: cute min approvessadisticbtch on July 7th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
call me gabby ;d

hahah thank you :)
blessingfiveblessingfive on July 27th, 2015 12:26 pm (UTC)
i don't know where to post so I decided to post it here instead.happy birthday ^^ wish you a happy day keep supporting yunjae yeay
jadejung: pic#126522761jadejung on September 23rd, 2017 11:36 am (UTC)
Suck harder
Oh god that was so good and free for myself lol
Sounds bad, I know
Finally Jae gets to suck dicks!
I am so happy for him! Lol
This sounds like a congratulations, kind of..
Thank you for this update <3