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01 July 2030 @ 10:23 pm
intro + ficlist  



Too risky to enter. Too exciting not to.
Contains mostly about those two men above.

Friends only + Comment your feels.

Good news! No need to add me to read my fic :)
Now, onwards to my fanfictions!


◘ On - going
♥ Favorite
♦ Coming Soon

The Jung Twins
YunJae + Uknow
Romance and Smut
S: What if your lovers are the Jung twins? The hot sexy and fucking rich Jung twins? And you are their one and only baby?
A/N: Yunho and Uknow are twins and Jaejoong is their lover.
[1] [2] [3] [4] ...

Forever Yours
Yunjae and others
Family, Romance, Mpreg, Angst
S: The Kim’s are the most riches family in Seoul but when Jaejoong met Yunho, an ordinary guy and when they fall for each other, their lives started to become worse. When they were married and ran away from their families due to no acceptance from them they lived a simple life, but as soon they had a daughter their life became worst, so Jaejoong left them to go back to they’re family. What will happen to Yunho and his daughter?
[1-3] [4-6] [7] [8] ...

Shattered Love
YunJae, JaeWon
Angst, Drama, little Violence
S: Their parents forcefully marry Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong but Jaejoong doesn’t agree and has a boyfriend named Siwon. At first, Yunho agrees to fake the marriage and get divorced after 3-4 years, but as times goes on, a feeling is starting to build inside Yunho again for his wife. One night something happens that broke the young man...

Loving A Star
YunJae and Others
Humor, Drama, Fluff, Romance
S: Jung Yunho, is a big celebrity with the worst attitude ever, he is sent to a public school, to teach Yunho on how to be not spoil, bad mannered, with the help of the honor and poor Kim Jaejoong. Will things turn out to be good? Or Yunho will just stay the same?
[Profile] [1] ...

_One Shots_

Dark Fate
Character Death
S: Yunho is a psychologist and he is helping Jaejoong. As time passes, Jaejoong’s crying subsides and also he started talking and feelings starts growing. A perfect start but what if that start ended with Jaejoong crying again?

Acting the Video
Humor, little naked Jae and Yun
S: What happens if a seven-year old Yunho accidentally watch gay porn thanks to his uncle Yoochun and he wants to act it with his best friend, Jaejoong.

Caught Acting the Video
{Sequel to Acting the Video}
S: They told their new learned act and words to Uncle Minnie, Uncle Heechul and Yoosu.

Who I Am
Drama, Fantasy, Romance
S: When his wish was granted there was a consequence, whomever he is with will never see him as him but with a different face.

Quiet Love
Drama, Romance
S: He is mute but learns to love by art.

Character Death
S: Jaejoong was surprised when he heard his son’s reason.

My Sexy Kitten
S: A kinky sex with your sexy kitten will never be that awesome when it is Kim Jaejoong the kitten that we are talking about.

Loving You Long Time
{My very first fanfic}
S: Yunho and Jaejoong long time friends, but Jaejoong loves Yunho more than a friend does.

Loosing My Mind
Drama, Angst, Romance
Character Death
S: Upon seeing no changes the past few weeks, Jaejoong looses hope and seeks comfort and ended up cheating on Yunho.

Me or Your Career?
Drama, Romance, Friendship
Character Death
S: One wish before I go, can you make it come true?

I Love Your Moobs
Romance, Smut
S: I am bored; I want to play with something...

I'll Give You Everything
Drama, Romance, a dash of Smut
Character Death
S: I will give you everything, even my life –Yunho.

Drama, Mpreg
S: Jaejoong was left without a single note and a growing baby inside him when Yunho left. But everything he believed to be true all came crashing down on him nine months later.

Of Suffering, Love and Revenge
Drama, Angst, Romance
S: Jaejoong thought Yunho was cheating on him that’s why this entire lawsuit started. Making Yunho suffer is Jaejoong’s revenge. One day, Jaejoong will regret it.

My Butler
S: Yunho is so worn out after a hard day work at his company, he wanted to go home so badly, wanted his back massage by his butler, Jaejoong. Wanted to eat, take a bath or whatever. Maybe, even more…
_Double Shot_
Stem of Love [1] [2]
S: Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong both own the greenhouse and they both like the flowers especially. They are best friends and promised that they are the only two who can see their greenhouse. Then one day Jaejoong gets a GF and it brings their friendship apart cause he's not spending his time tending the flowers anymore and Yunho is pretty much waiting for him a lot of times to come back to care for the plants. What will happen to their friendship?

You Are Beautiful [1] [2]
Drama, Romance and Smut
S: Yunho is a young man who doesn't like himself; he hides his body with long sleeves and huge pants while Jaejoong likes to be naked at his apartment even though he knows he has to be dressed in public.

How Jae Pleasures His Yun [1] [2]
S: Jaeho is one sex-crazed couple who can't keep their hands of each others, literally. One day after school, they caught their teachers, JunChun, was having sex in Junsu's classroom. Junsu was dildoing with Yoochun on the table and Yunho demanded to have sex like them. Jaejoong couldn't help but agreed to his cute boyfriend and ran into one of the classroom (which is Yoochun's) and pulled some toys that Jae was going to use later.

Love, Sex and Magic [1] [2]
Smut, Romance
S: Yunho is a magician and Jaejoong adores him.

Before You Go [1] [2]
Smut, Romance, little Drama, OT5-ish feels.
S: What if JYJ is at a variety show as same as TVXQ (HoMin)? What will happen if they perform ‘Before You Go’ and ‘W’?

U Smile
Romance, Fluff
S: Even thought we are far away, I will smile if I will see you smile.

Picture of You
S: He fell in love with the guy he met only in picture.

S: Celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday alone.

{Sequel of Alone}
S: Calling out his name.

An Author's Tease
S: Just bjs in school.

My Baby Girl, Yunho
Smut, Genderbent
Girl!Yunho, JaeHo
S: Yunho feels hot... so hot

My Love for You [1] [2]
Drama, Romance
S: Yunho is there for his lover even though he has cancer.

The Meaning of It
Romance, Fluff
S: Kim Jaejoong is texting Jung Yunho, his crush.

'Till Death Do Us Part
Romance, Drama
S: Kim Jaejoong is a forty year old man. Even though his head is almost filled with white hair, he still looks beautiful. He has been married to his husband for twenty years and his name is Jung Yunho. Unfortunately, being old isn’t so good, Yunho has been paralyzed due to stroke and Jaejoong is there to pamper him. Together they try to make it through with their children, Jung Changmin and Jung Mincheo…

Many more to come.

Thank you and I hope you will look forward to all my fics :)

Do not plagiarist.
Do not post in any other network/site or in other blogs
Do not hesitate to approach me if you want my fictions in your blog or something
Always credit if you are taking but let me know =)
mizatvxqmizatvxq on July 1st, 2011 06:32 pm (UTC)
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Gabrielle: changmin cutiesadisticbtch on July 5th, 2011 11:21 am (UTC)
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weird_purpleweird_purple on July 16th, 2011 02:36 pm (UTC)
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Gabrielle: Changmin so cutesadisticbtch on July 17th, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
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Mutiwishinthebox on July 16th, 2011 04:17 pm (UTC)
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