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16 July 2011 @ 12:57 pm
The Jung Twins 2/?  
Title: The Jung Twins
Beta: jaejoongs_grl
Pairing: YunJae + Uknow (Yunho’s twin.)
Genre: Romance, SMUT baby!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if your lovers are the Jung twins? The hot sexy and fucking rich Jung twins? And you are their one and only baby?

WARNING: Spoil&Childish!Jae, Possessive!Brothers. SMUT MEN! BUT TOYS? I GUESS NOT YET!

A/N: Yunho and Uknow are twins and Jaejoong is there lover XD
AGAIN! WITH THE TWIN STORIES OF MINE! I WILL SURELY GIVE YOU PURE SMUT. And Jaejoong sounds slutty when they are doing it :D


Jaejoong knocked softly to their shared room and only to find two of his lovers both facing the other side and leaving an empty space in between for him to sleep. He sighs as he went to them and covered the two twins with the blanket.

He kissed their forehead and he grabbed a blanket from their closet and lays on the floor next to the bed. He sighs; he deserves sleeping on the floor with only a blanket, well, maybe it is better sleeping with nothing? He shrugged it and went to sleep, tears sipping out his closed eyes.


Yunho woke up and was greeted with his twin brother's face, "Uknow," Yunho called out.
Uknow flinched a little but soon opened his eyes and was greeted with his twin's face too, "Morning, Yunho," Uknow uttered and grinned as he kissed his brother lightly, Yunho smiled, "Where's Jae?" Uknow looked around but found no one.

Panic started to invade them; they sat up and looked at each other, "Jae?" Uknow uttered and looked at the bathroom door.  Uknow quickly sat up the edge of the bed and run to the bathroom door when suddenly he tripped and landed on someone's body, "Argh," Uknow uttered in pain, "OMO!" Yunho shouted as soon as he saw Jaejoong pliant body lay under Uknow's heavy one.

"Jae!" Uknow screamed in horror and quickly remove himself above Jaejoong as Yunho picked Jaejoong up to rest on the bed, "Boo! Are you okay? I am so sorry." Uknow apologized and kissed Jaejoong's forehead.  Jaejoong had tears falling down his eyes because of the hard impact applied onto his body, "Boo," Uknow uttered and Jaejoong opened his eyes only to reveal a bloodshot eyes. "Boo," Uknow repeated and buried his head on the crook of Jaejoong's neck, "I am sorry."

"It's okay," Jaejoong said and placed his hand on top of Uknow’s head. "Sorry. Sorry," Uknow repeated like a broken player as Yunho kissed his forehead many times.  "I said I am okay," Jaejoong smiled when Uknow looked at him, "Don't worry," he uttered. He kissed Uknow's lips lightly but soon turned out to be passionate as Uknow rubs his hands up and down in Jaejoong's chest.

"Mmm," Jaejoong releases a moan as he felt Yunho's mouth onto his neck, sucking his skin and licking his Adam's apple. He shifted a little so Yunho can remove his shirt before fisting a handful of Uknow's hair into his hands as he deepened the kiss.  Uknow inserted his tongue as he fought it with Jaejoong's.  Yunho too was busy ravishing Jaejoong's collarbone, marking it a little and when satisfied, he moved down to suck at his left nipple, "Argh!" Jaejoong moaned out and that destroys the kiss as he removed his left hand on Uknow's hair to go fist Yunho's hair.

"Nghh, Yunho-ahh," he breathed as Uknow kissed his way down to the other side, not forgetting to mark his other collarbone, he kissed the nub first before sucking it fully into his mouth, "Ohh," Jaejoong can't help but moan out, the feeling of two sucking his nipple hard at the same time is too much to handle.

Pre-come was leaking out and staining Jaejoong's pajama, "ahh," Yunho sucked his nipple harder while Uknow bit it. Slowly, the two handsome twins' hand started to slide down and down until it reach Jaejoong's pajama garter, Uknow lifted the hem up as Yunho fished out Jaejoong's leaking cock, "MMmm," Jaejoong shut his eyes as the feeling of two hands now stroking his cock as two mouths sucking onto his nipple.

"Uknow, Yun," Jaejoong called out as his lovers stopped sucking and looked at him with a smirk painted on each of their handsome faces, "Yes, baby?" Yunho said as he and Uknow fastened their pace of stroking.

"Mmm, kiss me, please," Jaejoong begged and the twins are happy to comply as Jaejoong opened his mouth wide and stick his tongue out as the twins on each of his side starts to play inside his mouth.  Saliva running down his chin but he is happy as the two tongues of his lovers trapped his tongue in between. He moaned out.

They finally let go, panting. Noticing their hands stopped stroking Jaejoong's cock; they let it go with Jaejoong's frown, "What do you want baby?" Uknow asked.

"Can I suck one of yours?" Jaejoong blushed as he looked down at Uknow's bulge and Yunho's bulge, Yunho kissed him lips, "Sorry, we don't want to stain that mouth," Jaejoong pouted, "But it will fit," he whined and the twins chuckled, "Sorry, babe," Uknow kissed him, "But. No."

Jaejoong pouted but the twins kissed it away and soon, all of their clothes were taken off and Yunho hovering on top of Jaejoong, "Imma do you," he smirked and Jaejoong blushed as Uknow sat on the edge of the bed, watching them while stroking his cock slowly. Already prepared, Yunho inserted himself inside of Jaejoong, the young man groaned in little pain at the big intrusion, when he was fully inside, Yunho began to thrust his hips at a fast pace, eyes shut in pure pleasure as his cock was being squeezed in Jaejoong's tight hole.

"Hah! Yunho, there!" Jaejoong screamed and Yunho thrust faster while Uknow crawled to them and caress his brother's moving ass.  He slapped it slightly before inserting one finger inside, "Fuck!" Yunho hissed as his hips slows down as Jaejoong tries to look what is happening behind, "Relax, brother, I will make you feel good," Uknow whispered as he inserted the second finger, thrusting it in and out, stretching his twin brother's non-virgin hole. He and Yunho had fucked each other before they met Jaejoong, why?  Puberty, duuhhh.

Yunho starts to thrust his hips a little as the three fingers slipped in and out too. He sighs in pleasure as he fastened his thrust, feeling his cock pulsing and his prostate being hit. Jaejoong was a moaning mess as his prostate was being hit hard and fast, he scratches Yunho's back and he was about to cum when he felt Yunho stop thrusting and he opened his eyes and sees Yunho's scrunched up face, "Yunnie?" he was worried. Jaejoong already saw Uknow or Yunho fucked each other off in front of him and he must say, they look so fucking sexy fucking one another.

As Uknow removed his fingers and position himself in front of his beloved twin, he inserted himself not too gently because he knows he is used to it and he thrust hard causes Yunho to thrust forward, hitting Jaejoong's prostate.  Three screams were heard as Uknow did that.  Yunho moaned non-stop as he let Uknow do all the work, his powerful thrusting hips brought Yunho to slam back into Jaejoong without any work.  He was moaning and so as Jaejoong, "Fuck! I'm goingÉ" Yunho warned as Uknow fastened his pace as he feels himself cumming and soon Yunho came inside Jaejoong, who was still moaning and needed a little stimulation.  Removing himself inside Yunho, he tossed his brother lightly to Jaejoong's side so he was the one who can enter Jaejoong now.  He thrust inside the filled hole and Jaejoong moaned out, arms automatically circling around his neck as he thrust forward hard and fast.

"Aww, Uknow, Uiiee!!" Jaejoong screamed his name as he came, covering his own and some on Uknow's and some ended up on to his jaw. He lay there tired as Uknow continued to move his hips. When he came to fill Jaejoong up again, he pulled out and plopped down to the other side of Jaejoong.  None of them move as their panting was only heard. Minutes pass, Uknow wrapped his hands around Jaejoong's waist as Jaejoong wrapped his arms around his neck, while Yunho hugged him from behind. Their legs tangled each other, "Still… why won't you let me suck you?" Jaejoong asked out of the blue as he felt Yunho kissed his shoulder and Uknow kissed his bare chest.

"Cause we love you and we don't know if," Uknow looked at his cock and Jaejoong rolled his eyes, "I am eighteen," He pouted and the twins chuckled, "We love you Joongie.” The twins said in unison and the young lad can't help but smile.  "Love you two too," He snuggled his head back to Yunho's neck as he pulled Uknow closer to his chest as they fell into their sweet dreamland.


Jaejoong opened his eyes slowly only to be greeted without the warmth, he looked over his clock and shown it is already eleven o'clock pm.  He sighs as he stood up and grabbed his robe to go downstairs. He was greeted with the twins, eating breakfast already. He pouts; they will go to work again.

"Morning, baby," Yunho smiled as he bit the piece of egg.

"What's with the pout so early?" Uknow asked. Jaejoong walked up to them, his pout still visible as he sat onto Yunho's lap, who was sitting beside Uknow, "You are going to work again," He said, "and you are going to leave me again," He pouted more as Yunho chuckled. He held up a piece of egg with his fork and Jaejoong took it, "I hate you two," He pouted, "You know we love you right?" Uknow said seductively as he moved closer to them and wrapped his arms around his little waist and snuggled onto his neck, "No I don't," Jaejoong answered with a pout and the twins chuckled.

"You don't know? Then why are you here?" Yunho said and Jaejoong rolled his eyes in defeat, "Eh? Our Jaejoongie is rolling his eyes to us? Since when did you learn to do that to us?" Uknow said acting as if he is hurt.

"Please don't go to work," Jaejoong suddenly pleaded. The twins sigh, it was always this, they really wanted to spend time with Jaejoong but they just can't. They are needed to do their work for something. "Jaejoong, we are sorry," Jaejoong can't help but be teary, when Uknow or Yunho says his name and not 'Boo' or 'Joongie' it means they are serious. He sighs, "Its okay I will go meet Yoochun later at the mall," he said and he saw Uknow stiffen, "What for?" he asked suspiciously, obvious that jealousy is starting to fire.

"We will go to the mall," Jaejoong smiled cheekily, he always wanted to tease his lovers, he smirked as he can see Uknow tensing and feels Yunho stuttering, "So you can go now, I will get ready, and can you drop me off to Yoochun's?" he asked them, still eating Yunho's breakfast.

"S-sure," Uknow said without looking at him. Jaejoong smiled, as he wrapped his hand around Yunho's neck as the other on Uknow neck, he bring them closer, "Are my lovers jealous?" he asked with a baby talk and the twins pouted, "You know I love you two right?" he repeated their words and smiled, he kissed Uknow's lips, wrapping his other arms around it as he feels Yunho hugging his waist, he broke the kiss with Uknow and kiss Yunho too.

He then felt another arm around his waist while another going inside his inner tight and rubbed his cock up and down, he releases a moan inside his lover's mouth as Uknow continued to stroke it while kissing down to his almost exposed bare chest. The maids left the dining room as they saw the three lovers kissing, some even blushed. Jaejoong continued to moan as two hands were now stroking his. He broke the kiss and panted, "Why can't I touch yours?" he breathed out and Uknow grinned onto his chest, "cause we don't want to ruin your hands," Uknow said as his kisses went down to his lower region while Yunho's kisses goes down to his neck. He moaned out as he feels Uknow's mouth wrapping his cock, "Ahhh," he screamed in pleasure as Uknow bobbed his head up and down while Yunho nip onto his nipple, circling his tongue onto the sore bud which Uknow sucked too.

He feels his stomach tighten, "Uie, I'm," he never finished his sentence as he exploded inside his mouth, panting heavily as Yunho bit onto his nub. Uknow straightened up onto his seat, fixing his suit a little as Jaejoong saw his juice at the corner of his mouth; he dipped in and licks it off, "Oohhh," the brother's moan at the sight.

"Go change, we will wait here," Yunho whispered and Jaejoong whimpered, "But you two are hard," he uttered as he was about to reach for Uknow's covered cock but stopped, "It's okay. Now go," Jaejoong stood up hesitantly with a pout as he tightens his robe and walk upstairs.

"I think those soul mates are up to something," Yunho said and continued to eat, "Yeah, me too… I hope it's a good one,” he sighs as he looked down at his own hardness. "Haish, I'm hard," he uttered and continued to eat, "You can jerk off with our video," Yunho smirked while Uknow rolled his eyes. Yes, they had a sex video were Jaejoong's face and body was more concentrated on.


"Mmmm," Jaejoong moaned out as Uknow bit his lips while Yunho kissed his nape. He was sitting on Yunho's lap while his legs were on top of Uknow's lap. They were inside their limousine; the front was covered so the driver won't see anything. They are going to the mall or likely, accompany Jaejoong there and they will go to work afterwards, "Yun," he moaned out as Yunho started to kiss down to his back while Uknow started to kiss down to his chest. He was panting but soon grabbed a fist of Uknow's hair and lick his lips, "we are already at the mall," he uttered breathlessly. Uknow pouted and so as Yunho, "Bye," Jaejoong said and kissed each twin's lips and hop out of the limousine.


"Jaejogong-ah!" Yoochun, his best friend, soulmate and college mate greeted him with a big smile to his face.

"Chunnie!" Jaejoong called out sweetly as he gave Yoochun a hug, "Are you ready?" Jaejoong nodded and they we to the department store lingerie section. Jaejoong blushed as soon as he sees many types of sexy nightgowns.  "Chunnie, are you sure we are allowed to be here?" he asked as a blush creep to the side of his cheeks. "Yes, miss can you suggest anything good?" Yoochun asked the sales lady who looked over at Jaejoong.  "Is it for her?" she pointed out and was about to protest when Yoochun stopped him.  "Yes, she is my girlfriend," Jaejoong frowned but decided to go to the flow; he smiled sweetly but fake-ly at the girl as she led Jaejoong in there changing room while she brings him the clothes.

"Chunnie-ah, are you sure wearing a thong is legal?" he asked as he observes himself in front of the big mirror, he sees his ass cheeks between a thin line cloth, he could almost see his ass cause the nightgown was a little transparent but white. He sigh, he will kill his soul mate if this doesn't work, "Yes, now, get dressed and we will buy that," Yoochun uttered outside and Jaejoong nodded as if Yoochun can see him.


Jaejoong was happily eating his ice cream that Yoochun bought for him because of what happened earlier, "What now? Is that all?" Jaejoong asked in the middle of his slurping and Yoochun shook his head, "We need to buy toys," he said calmly and Jaejoong looked at him with a very confused face. "What toys?"


"OH MY," never finishing his curse, Jaejoong looked around with big eyes as various sizes, shape and length of dildo and vibrators and other sex toys displayed at that store, "Are you sure we are allowed to enter this kind of store?" he asked more than guess as he and his so called soul mate walked in near to the cashier.

"How old are you teens?" the middle aged woman asked with pure curiosity as she eyed them.  "We are eighteen, ma'am," Yoochun said as he handed his I.D to the saleswoman, who nodded, "Well, how may I help you?"  Yoochun smiled, "Anything."


"Now Joongie, keep all of this under your bed and you can go on with the plan on your birthday," Yoochun smiled as Jaejoong nodded, "Thank you, Chunnie,"  Jaejoong smiled and hug his soul mate as Yoochun nodded, "Again, why do you want to do this?" Yoochun asked again as he can't believe why the heck Jaejoong wanted to spice up more their sex life when he has three, "I mean come on! A threesome all-night and two cocks yours only?"  "I," Jaejoong looked down with a sigh, "I will tell but please don't laughed?"

Yoochun nodded, "Cause, they never let me suck them and they never went in me at the same time," silence filled the soul mates,"  Three seconds later, Yoochun laughed out loud as he held onto his stomach and his other hand on Jaejoong shoulders for support, "You’re kidding right?" Yoochun managed to ask between his laughter as he closed his eyes again and laughed. "Yah! I am not kidding and it's not funny." Jaejoong defended not wanting tears to flow down his eyes. When he calms down a pouting Jaejoong greeted him.

"You weren't joking?" he asked and Jaejoong nodded, "Oh my gosh, what a crisis," Yoochun screamed as he dragged Jaejoong out of the store to go to a more private, "We need a perfect plan for you to be a complete non-virgin."


For yunjae_luv
Chella Parkchellabulad on December 2nd, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Jaejoongieee too cute /squeeze him/
What is Yoochun's plan? Knowing Yoochun, it won't ever be decent
Want to read the third part right now but I can no longer keep my eyes open, guess I need some sleep
Thanks ^^
:.*Mizz Dee*.:crystaldee on December 23rd, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
Kakakakka...I just read this chapter...
Ahhh so that's why Jae is planning something with Chunnie...XDDD

Waiting for the 4th chapter ^__^
1p2a3w4z1p2a3w4z on December 25th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
OMG! I love this chapter so much!

I so can't wait to read your next chapter!
Please updated soon I can't wait for it!
Keep up the great work you're an amazing writer!
aahlll on August 18th, 2012 04:05 pm (UTC)
lmfao yoochun and his pervy mind XD jae is sooo innocent kinda XD
jadejung: pic#126522761jadejung on September 23rd, 2017 11:06 am (UTC)
I was not expecting that!
Joongie thinks the same way as me!
I also want a threesome!!!! Loooooool
Chunnie is a pervy BFF <3